Advance RMA says status "Pending Return", is this correct?

I just created an Advance RMA a couple of days ago. My credit card has been charged the fees, plus the hold for the price of the drive. But the RMA Status is “Pending Return”. Shouldn’t the new drive ship first? If not, then what am I paying $25 for? The whole reason I used Advance RMA was to get it shipped out faster, and to reuse their shipping materials so there wouldn’t be any issues with acceptance due to improper packaging. “Pending Return” sure sounds like they are waiting for my dead drive to get there before they send out the new one.

I’m not sure of this, yet, but it appears that the US RMA location (Calexico, CA) may be under a HARD lockdown, with non-essential businesses closed until Covid infections stabilize or decrease. I’ve sent a question to WD asking for clarification of this but I’ve not yet received any response.

Everyone’s RMA requests might be on hold for quite some time, if WD Calexico is closed for the foreseeable future!