Advance RMA Replacement?


I wanted to see if anyone could lend some advice on how to go about an advance replacement RMA for a Caviar Black 1TB.  I ran through the online RMA registration and got the message “Advance Product Replacement for End User We do not have enough information to create your Advance RMA online.  Please contact us to create an Advance RMA” after selecting the problems the drive is having.  I have sent an email to WD about this situation but have not received a response in the past day+.  I have an account set up on their website and have registered the drive, though the registration and RMA procedures don’t seem to have much to do with one another.  Not sure how to resolve this.  Any help would be appreciated.  Cheers

Hi they wont take your credit card info by email you have to phone them to do a advanced rma. On wd main site under support choose phone and email then choose your country to get a phone number. Just so you know the last drive I rmaed was a 300 gig raptor on the advanced rma it took 3 days to get the new drive I am in canada though.

Thanks for the help!