Administrative rights on Windows 7 Home Ed

After a successful backup, i’ve just re-installed my laptop and when i tried to install the software for the WD External device, it told me to install the program on it so i did, but i get the message that i don’t have the Adminstrative rights to to so.

I’m the only user and “administator” here. So what gives?

All my recent data is on there!

When you install before clicking to start right click and select run as administrator first. Also find the Icon that starts application select properties and some place there should be a choice of run as administrator. It’s a Windows 7 thing even though you are listed as administrator you still don’t have full permission. Do a search there is a super administrator account and some settings to change for your account to actually have full control. This and networking along with sharing/permissins can be a real pain with Windows 7 and Vista. I just found this


As Joe said, Right Click Open as Admin…