Admin user lost access to a folder

Hello everybody!

I know nothing about managing a NAS that is why I bought this product and after a few days I am already facing my first big issue. I hope the community will bring me some help.

  • I have created a new user “weddingguest” which created automatically a folder “/weddingguest”.

  • Then I have launched the move of of my wedding photos from “/DATA/PHOTOS/2013_Wedding” to “/weddingguest”.

  • After 10minutes I assumed the copy had ended but I was wrong (I am using SuperCopier and the dialog was hidden among the tray icons).

  • I have tried to rename “/weddingguest” into “/weddingphotos” from the administration interface

  • I immediately got an error message from SuperCopier (destination folder not accessible)

  • This led me to loose access to both “/weddingguest” and “/weddingphotos” folders. Something has been corrupted!

The situation now:

  • Half of my weeding photos are blocked in these folders

  • I see both folders from my computer under Win7 but I cannot access to them

  • I see only “/weddingguest” from my IPad (MyCloud app) but I see it empty

  • Rebooting the NAS didn’t solve this issue

  • Trying to rename “/weddingguest” into “/weddingguest2” didn’t solve this issue

Does anyone know now I could deal with this?

I don’t care about restoring factory settings if this does not involve data loss.

I will have to try at home tonight. Once SSH is activated, can I set login & password myself or there a default one I have to know?

Also could you give me your hints already please?

great! I will try this tonight and I’ll keep you informed. 

First, make sure the permssions is correct for the user in the dashboard.  Then, on your computer, open the command prompt, and type:  net use * /delete

Wait a few minutes and try access that folder again in windows explorer.  It should ask for your credentials.  Enter the credentials for the user you created in the My Cloud dashboard

Main problem solved.

It was NOT a permission issue : I have tried “net use * /delete” + computer reboot + update of permissions with no success.

However I could save my photos through SSH using Lin_Admin’s procedure. Yey! Once it was empty, I have rmdir  “/weddingphotos” folder and now the physical drive is clean. No other wedding related folder.

But I still have broken links in my computer,IPad & dashboard that I would like to cleanup. I have openned a new topic for this.

Now I would like to understand why this has happened? Is it

A) because I have renamed the default folder associated with a username which is forbidden?

B) because I have tried to dashboard-rename the folder during a network-copy to this same folder which is forbidden?

C) because I am unlucky?

D) we cannot tell?

I would answer B but I would consider this as a bug that needs to be filed. What do you think?