Admin password for phpMyAdmin on EX2Ultra

Does anyone know what the user/password for php is? I installed it to get Wordpress to run but everything I find online doesn’t work.

I tried various combinations of “admin” as username and password, or admin/password or admin/blank but nothing lets me in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

phpMyAdmin 3rd party app installs with the following user with no password. The password must be set under Accounts

Default Username "root"
Default Password "No Password"


thank you. I got Wordpress setup but I can’t get a connection from outside. I tried to open ports 80, 8080, 443, 4433, but nothing lets me in. Do you have any pointers? Did I forget to enable something?

Thanks again.

Not obvious to user using english interface, but it does not work with French one !
I have not tested with all other languages !

OS 5 includes a “Network Database” option that can be modified to allow external access.

My Cloud OS 5: Access SQL Server Network Database

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