Admin name incorrect

Hi, just bought WD My Cloud, downloaded the Set Up Software, it finds my device, but stops on the Admin name which appears under holly, cannot proceed. Bought this product new from JB Hi Fi. Can anyone help?

It looks like you have a refurbished/returned item. If the device is asking for a password, then try a blank password. If this doesn’t work, do a system reset: unplug the device, press the reset button at the back, keep it pressed while you plug the power back in (some benign acrobatics involved here), keep the button pressed for 40s and then release. The device should reboot. This will blank the admin password.

After you have succesfully logged in, update your firmware if necessary, then do a quick factory restore (under settings/utilities). This will erase any configuration, content that might have been left on the device. You will then be able to use the setup software to start with a clean sheet.