Additional Files?

I have a 500GB WD MyPassport external drive and roughly 400 of those 500 are being taken up by what WD SmartWare is labeling “Additional Files.”  I do have videos stored on the drive, however these total only ~100GB.  Unfortunately, as a result, I don’t have any room left for normal backup activities.

What do I do?   Should I just erase the drive and backup again?

Thanks for your help!


if you don’t mind erasing then go ahead

however, you should go to the drive and check the folders you have in there

make sure there are no hidden folders

this could be a virus

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My computer crashed. I’ve another I’ve tried to retrieve my files with, but mine as well is calling everything in MyBook “additional files” which it will not let me retrieve. I know this is all my pictures and music. How can I retrieve it All 148gigs.