Adding WD Camera to WD Readyview


Bought the 2MP 4 Camera NVR Readyview, picked up a fifth 2MP Readyview camera. Plugged it in, got the red light blinking on the camera so I know it’s getting a signal. Never displayed an image. I figured the camera might be faulty, returned it and got another. Same thing. So now I figure there must be some configuration/adding routine I’m missing. I went in to the manual add section, and I see the NVR shows the list of cameras, but gives me a message about maximum amount of cameras. It’s an 8 port unit with 4 cameras installed currently. Adding a fifth. Any ideas on how to proceed?



I’ve seen this happen when all 8 ports populated and then replacing a camera. A reset of the camera should resolve the issue. The camera reset process is in the link:

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Make sure the firmware is current on NVR and cameras as well.


Tried the camera reset, but no luck. When I view the cameras tab on the NVR, I see 5 cameras, but not on the display. The fifth camera is greyed out and says incorrect username/password. I’ve entered it as the default


Is there a way to reset the camera to default, or is it another issue? And is there a way to remove the cameras that aren’t in use/plugged in? We plugged the camera in to all the ports, just to make sure that wasn’t the issue, and now it believes the NVR is at max cameras, when there’s only 5.



Try/view this youtube link, may help you