Adding the WD TV Live to an existing HTPC setup


I have an existing HTPC setup running Windows 7 that I’m using to play local video files as well as viewing Netflix. I like the ease of navigation using a small keyboard/trackpad remote and am in general very happy with this arrangement. I have noticed that the HTPC struggles at times when playing high bitrate 1080p video files. These same files play fine on the WD TV Live.

Is it possible to incorporate the WD into this existing setup such that I can still use the HTPC front end within Windows 7 to navigate through my video files, but use the WD to actually play the files and output to the TV?

Hello SailingAway,

If you have both devices within the same network, you should be able to access the files on your HTPC and play then on the WDTV media player.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, both the HTPC and the WD will be on the same local network (they are both hard wired to the same router). Can you point me to a link or other refernce that explains in detail how to configure the HTPC and the WD for this setup?

To reiterate, I would like to be able to browse through my local videos from within Windows on the HTPC and once a video file is selected, it would play using the WD’s hardware.