Adding songs to currently playing spotify playlist from another device causes reboot


I’ve been looking for a good solution for using my wd live as a “party player” for music via spotify, and thought I found a solution by starting to play a mostly empty playlist on the wd, while keeping my laptop with spotify open on a table somewhere accessible,and then adding songs to the list that is being played on the wd. Effectlively making that current playlist a play queue.

This all looks good, you can see the songs are visibly added to the playlist on the wd on the fly, but whenever the current song is done playing the wd live player just shuts down  and reboots.

It doesn’t matter if it’s specifically the next song that was recently added or not, it seems like the only trigger is that the playlist is changed by another device during playback.

Has anyone tried this and have a good suggestion for a solution?

This might be a bug on the WDTV firmware. Be sure to have the latest firmware version installed (1.14.09). Checking the release notes for firmware update 1.13.18, I see that the following error was fixed, “Resolved unable to play tracks when sharing playlists in Spotify”. Check what FW version you have, update to the latest version if you don’t have it and, be sure to share the result over here. Check the link below for the firmware updates.

Firmware release notes: