Adding Shares and access advanced params like with MyBookLive?

Hi. After many years very pleased with my MyBookLive, I just upgraded to a new MyCloudHome Duo but I find the lack of features quite surprising, if not say disapointing…

I’d like to set Additional shares that are instantly accessible to ALL users but only as read-only, except of course the admin. I had configured my MyBookLive like this in order to share files (photos, movies, music etc…) without the risk of any family user deleting something…

So far, I just found that a share comes with each user, plus the Public share… but that doesn’t fit my need.

I’m surprised that there is no advanced settings like the one provide with MyBookLive onboarded web portal…

I tried to access http://myIP/mycloudduo_name (with values replaced), but I’m being redirected to online portal, even though the remote access feature is enabled.

Am I missing something? I’m starting to feel like I’ve bought the wrong product??

Thanks in advance for your help :wink:

First of all, if you don’t know anything about the My Cloud Home (MCH) and you are having buyer’s remorse, then you should just return it.

The MCH is capable of up to 10 users plus the owner, each with a private space that can be enabled for local access for the user. There is no control over read only access locally, however cloud access are read only for guests. There is no control over the smb.conf file. There is no SSH functionality other than debug_logs. There is no access to the Debian OS files.

The MCH is running OS4 which is a features limited version of OS5. No one buying the MCH should expect any ‘advanced settings’.

Home users buy the MCH because it is the cheapest personal cloud storage around, not because it is fully features packed.

Thanks for your reply :wink: but I expected the MyCloudHome Duo not having a downgrade of features from my 10-yrs old MyBookLive…

I wanted to add folders at the same level than users and public shares… and allow users to access those folders… so is there a way to do that with that product?

Even my Samsung TV doesn’t see the cloud duo whilst it lists the mybooklive without doing anything special…

Should I return it and get a My Cloud Expert?


The best way to describe the My Cloud Home, is to say that it’s a poorly designed disaster.

It sounds like you would be much happier with the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, which also has some flaws, but nothing that can’t be overcome.

Thanks for your feedbacks :slight_smile: