Adding Passport to WD Smartware for existing My Book

Hi There,

I now have 3 WD external drives. "1x 500GB “My Passport” and 2x 2TB “My Books”

I have just bought a new 2TB “My Book” to run with OSX TimeMachine. I was using a 500GB “Passport” to fullfill this function, but it ran out of space.

I also have another 2TB “My Book” that I use through WD Smartware to back up certain files. As I now have my shiny new “My Book” to run with TimeMachine, I would like to be able to access and store files on my original “My Passport” the same way I can for my other “My Book”. 

What set-up process should I go through, so that I can see and access the “Passport” in WD Smartware?

I have used the disk utilty on OSX to erase the Passport, as it was full of TimeMachine data.

Thanks in advance to any and all that can help me.


Just install Smartware on your MAC and select the passport to backup your files.

Thank you for the help. I have kept trying and researching.

I think the issue is the version of “Passport” that I have “WD5000ME”. Looking at the support / download pages I think this passport doesn’t support WD Smartware. I may be wrong but that is the conclusion I have reached.

I’ve ran the Firmware upgrade, but this only worked for one of “My Books” I guess the other was up to date. The “Passport” though is not recognised by the Firmware update. Both of the “My Books” are recognised by my version of WD Smartware “v1.3.3.8”, but the “Passport” is not.


If anybody can either confirm tmy conclusion about the passport not being supported or tell me how to fix the issue if I am wrong, then again it would be greatly appreciated.