Adding Network Share Folder to Media Library Problem

Hi all,

I’m having a similar problem as JinRoh in this thread:

… but none of the solutions in this thread, or others on seem to solve my problem.

I have a Live SMP reading files off a Network share.  I’ve added the folder form the network share to the media library, using both the option menu & the media library manager from setup, but the folder and it’s contents do not appear in the My Media Library … you can only see it by changing the source to Network Share, and therefore you do not get the metadata. When I try to re-add the folder to the media share it says:

‘Invalid Path. This folder has already been added to the media library. Please choose a different folder’

Even in the settings menu it looks ok:

SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY / MEDIA LIBRARY MANAGER FOR NETWORK SHARE / ‘my shared folder’ / ‘Media Library Status: Ready’

I’ve played around with the settings ALOT, adding the folder, rescaning, deleting, factory resetting and I cannot think of anything else I can do … help!


Make sure that all  the devices are in the same workgroup

Reset all the devices and check step by step to see what are you missing…

Make sure to share the folder through the network and test if you can see that from a different device.

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Hi ragdexx,

Thanks a lot for the advice!

I’ve checked and both the Live SMP & Network Share’s workgroup were set to ‘WORKGROUP’, but I did reset both, updated firmware and went though setups step by step … however the problem persists: it looks like I can add the folder to the media library, but it does not appear in My Media Library, only source > network share.

My Win7 PC (hardwired to router), Android phone & Tablet can see all the files without a problem.

Note: my Network Share is a USB HDD plugged into my wireless router (ASUS RT-N56U) and the folder I’m trying to add is structured:


Dumb question:   Have you actually change the Content Source to “My Media Library?”

After you go to VIDEOS, press the Red button and select “My Media Library.”

Yes I have: I go to My Media Library, but a pop-up says something like ‘There is no media in the current folder’.

dont know if this will help but i have workgroup disabled on my pc, i had nothing but problems with the smp with it enabled

lee71 wrote:

dont know if this will help but i have workgroup disabled on my pc, i had nothing but problems with the smp with it enabled

It’d be interesting to know then how you’re adding shares to the WD since the WD *requires* workgroup support.

I’m not sure if this will shed any light on my problem, but I checked my NAS from my Win7 PC:

Under the folder I’ve shared with my SMP there is a new folder ‘.wdtv’ which is hidden & read-only; also the folder I’ve shared is set to read-only as well (despite SMP being able to write the .wdtv folder there?).  Win7 won’t let me change the hidden or read-only status of either, not even when I try to change the permissions under the security tab.

Is this relevant? Any ideas?

This might not help, but I’ll offer it on the off chance.

Let’s say the film you have on the network is Alien.

Create a new folder in your HDD.  Copy another film into there, and change the name to Alien.  Get the metadata in the usual way.  Then delete the copied (and mis-named) film, but keep all of the other stuff.  Cut & paste the meatada, etc, into the folder on your network.

Now, as long as Media Library is set to ‘On’ and you’re in Gallery view, you’ll be able to see the metadata on your network share, even if viewing it through Network Shares instead of your Media Library.

Steve W

Hi Pecker,

Thanks for the advice, not a bad idea.

I had an idea of doing something similar: plug in my network share drive directly into the SMP to work as a local drive, let it scan and populate the metadata, then plug the drive back into the network.

Not ideal at all, especially having to repeat it each time I add new media, but would hopefully work as a last resort!

If not that, Thumbgen also seem so be an ok backup solution.

For now I’ll keep on plugging away to try to get it working the ‘proper’ way.

I have actually used your idea of plugging the HDD directly into the SMP. I then copy the XML etx files back to the PC and watch movies from there as planned.

But yes it would be much easier if this worked straight from the PC ot network.