Adding movies from a dvd

I recently purchased a “My Book Essential” external drive and i need some help adding movies.

I am trying to add movies i have on DVD-R to the external. (all legal copies, don’t need to decrypt anything)

Is there a certain program i need to do so? I’m not seeing how to add files one at a time, only backup all.

My brother is currently serving in Iraq and i want to load this thing up and ship it over to him so he can view on his downtime. Please help…

You don’t have to install (or use) Smartware at all in order to use the drive.

The drive should be available in Windows Explorer, and you should be able to just drag/drop files to it and/or you should be able to save to it from the file requester in any application.

I never installed Smartware and I use my My Book Essentials externals as just “normal” hard drives.