Adding movie/tv art to wdtv live hub


I would love to add movie/tv art to my wdtv livehub could someone point me in the right direction on how to do this please.


If you are referring to add movies sheets, then visit the link below:

Page 43.

Awesome, I had no idea i could do this in this way, so am very glad I caught this thread.

Oxter, do you know of a way using the “Get Content Info” option to get information on a specific episode of a TV show as opposed to having all of them just say “xxx Season One”? I have not ventured to far into movie sheets as almost everything I have is in VOB DVD format and most of it is concert videos that do not have any metadata. I do have  around ten or so TV shows that have multiple seasons in AVI format that I am trying this with.

EX: I have several seasons of Archer (the cartoon). The are named as such

Archer.S01E01.MoleHunt (show name, episode, episode name)

It cannot find any info this way. I can then type in “Archer” and it comes up with the info for “Archer Season 1” which is great but I would then have to have the same info for each episode. I have tried searching with “Archer Mole Hunt” & “Archer Episode 1” to no avail.

Any easy way to do this or do I have to go with movie sheets, thumbgen, XML editin etc which may not be worth it for the limited ammount of stuff that I have not in DVD format and need to keep that way for reasons not worth getting into.

Thanks in advance for the help and whay I have already learned from this thread. Very psyched I stumbled upon this question


Sorry but please disregard my above question. Installed WDThumbgen and everything went flawlessly and got all my stuff up and running perfect.