Adding Metadata to Home Movies

Anyone know how to add metadata to home movies (including a picture)?  They are mostly in .mov and .avi formats.  I have them in a separate directory from my movies.  I’ve tried to manually put it in to the same place the regular movies’ metadata is stored, but no luck. 

Well, it’s not an easy thing to do, but here’s the dirty way.

First, go to where you movie is, then use the “Get content info” to get the metadata for a known movie by typing in a name for a known movie using the keyboard (I would get a movie that you don’t own so that it’s easy to find).  Once that metadata has been applied to your home movie, then from your PC select your WDTV Live Hubs HDD, then select “Metadata/Movie”.

Find the .jpg & .xml of the movie that you got the metadata for & change the .jpg image to one that you want to use.  Then open the .xml & change the data to what you want it be.

Once that is done, then follow the directions HERE to change the name of the metadata.

Once you clear the media libraby & it recompiles you should see the new info for your home movie.  As I said though, this is not easy & if you have a lot of home movies this may take you a while.

Thanks for the help.  Still hitting a few snags but that is largely due to editing xml in notepad…which **bleep**.

Go to MICROSOFT website and search for “XML Notepad.”   It’s MUCH handier, and if nothing else, you can just OPEN it and Re-Save it (which will format the text much nicer) and then edit it in regular notepad.

XML notepad

Once having read the entire topic, I now understand why I am having a similar issue.

Only this time it is with DVD home movie of my grandkids.  I followed the advice on adding  a cover pic and editing the .xml file downloaded in the options search for any movie title.  This worked great. except the name that shows is the original movie and not the name I want.  The edited info shows up nicely in the Info section and the new .jpeg of the grandkids is there, with the wrong name. If only they made a movie with my grandkids name, I would be golden…lol.

There must be a way to change the file name in this hidden partion.  

Can anyone help? 

There are bugs with the new firmware as to the it not taking the title from the xml.  Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release.

Yes, lets hope so. …In the mean time, I will just call the grandkids “Godzilla”

Any idea when the next update will happen?

Well, you could name them “Godzilla vs. Mega Godzilla”. :wink:

And, no, there’s really no idea of when a new release will be out.  WD doesn’t seem to telegraph there motives in advance.  So I wouldn’t sit around waiting for the pot to boil.