Adding Hulu/Vudu to the Services menu (outside US)

I live in NZ and have been using Netflix for a while on the WDTV SMP via Unblock US, but there is no Hulu or Vudu icon in my Services menu.

I’ve read comments saying you have to be in the US for it to show up. And other comments saying it’s built-in to certain firmwares. We don’t have Netflix here in NZ, yet Netflix still shows up in the Services menu. And I’m on the latest firmware for my region. 

Anyone know of anyway to add it? Would even be up to trying a homebrew hack if there was one…

As far as I know the services will be available, depending on your IP region. You can try pressing the reset button or rolling back to the previous firmware version and then reinstall the latest version. Check the link below for the steps.

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Thanks. Will try rolling back to previous firmware. 

Out of interest, could someone with the Hulu service let me know what firmware they are currently on?

The services are shown dependent on your location. The player checks the IP address location and then shows services for that location. You would have to somehow fool the player into thinking you were in a hulu location before it showed.