Adding Folders with USB

Hey everyone! Just wondering if any of ya can give me a point in the right direction…I’m tryin to add folders with a usb so i can seperate movies from tv shows. I just tried to slap empty folders on my flashdrive and it didnt recongnize them. I dont have a network to hook up to so do any of u have advice??

btw, it’ll really make my day…i thought that this couldnt be done when i first got it and it was a huge downer

It can be done, but only if you connect by PC.

The Hub won’t know see the empty folders as such.

Heres a tip though. As an example.

Create a Movie folder and add a txt document. Rename name and extension

So new text document.txt -> movie.avi and put that in the Movie folder


text document.txt -> TV.avi and put that in the TV folder

The Hub will then see those folders and you can populate as reqd. Then once you move something in each one, delete the dummy files.

That should work I think.

awwwwesome!!! thanks a million!!! :smileyvery-happy: