Adding files to the library on windows media player

I have just reformatted my system. Now i want my library to be reloaded on wmp 12. If i add the mapped drive location (Z:) to my library it adds files and if i close it all files are removed. On reopening it starts addind again. If i use the network location (\Mybooklive duo\public) it gives an error saying the folder is not shared.

Before the format i had my library on WMP 12. OS win7x64 home premium

Try to map the live duo with wdlink .

Still the same problem. the only difference mapping with WD Link was that now i see IP address along with the mapped drive in the error

The error message is telling you that you cannot “Share” a “Share.”

Windows will not allow you to re-share a NAS volume. 

yeah… i just realized… the library is being made… :slight_smile: