Adding external memory to a My Book Live Duo 4TB

The instructions make this sound very easy, just plug in a drive and its memory is added to the My Book Duo’s. I’ve plugged it in, another My Book drive, it shows up on the My Book Duo dashboard, but it’s not being added to the memory. How do I get it do this?

I tried reformatting the add on drive, it made no difference.

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Which WD My Book is the one you are tying to use? You may have to reformat the hard drive before it can be used as an additional share (The total space will not be added-up together).

The add on storage is a WD mirror drive, model WD20000 H2U-00.

The data on the My Book Live Duo dashboard says it will be added, verbatim “When you connect a USB device or powered USB hub with multiple devices to the external port the added capacity is instantly configured as My Book Live Duo external storage”.

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I was just looking to find out if I could connect my mirrored my book duo to my mirrored my book live duo and came across these posts. I’m hoping I can stream from both hdd’s to my smart tv. The hub I’m using is the bt home hub 6… which also has a usb connection so was going to try that otherwise but from what I’ve read online it seems to have issues.

Anyone have a similar set up that’s working? I’m ashamed to admit I thought I’d bought a nas when I purchased the standard my book so trying to make the best of a poor situation.

I am having this issue as well. Any solutions found thus far?