Adding EXTERNAL drive to Hub

I’m going to be getting a 2TB External Hard drive for christmas to add to my HUB, Now there are 3 different 2 tb western digital drives to choose from. Am just curious what the differences are and which one is most recommended?

There’s the :

Western Digital WD Elements 2TB for 109.99


Western Digital My Book Essential 2TB for 119.99


Western Digital My Book Essential 2TB USB3.0 for 129.99

if i’m only going to be using it as extra space for my HUB is my best bet just getting the cheapest WD Elements 2TB for 109? and if not, what am i gaining for the extra 10 or 20 dollars on the other two?

If im only using it as extra space on the Hub, the USB 3.0 should be irrelevent correct as USB 2.0 speeds are more than sufficient for my needs and usage? So whats the difference between the elements and the essential?

The “Elements” is a bare drive.

The “Essential” is encryptable… you can set a password on it.  The hardware encryption (and the stuff to lock/unlock it) is what you’re paying extra for.

Since the Hub is USB2.0 only, paying extra for a USB3.0 drive seems kinda pointless to me.

If you don’t want/need the hardware encryption, there’s no real reason to not just go with the Elements.

AFAIK they’d all have the same HD physically inside them.