Adding devices on the go

I was wondering if anyone has found a way to generate codes when outside the network. WD for some stupid reason wont let you do so(even if you are logged in to the dashboard as the admin), and it really is a HUGE negative, and one of the biggest reasons why I do not recommend the product to anyone.

Since I travel a lot for work I need to add individuals to the EX4 so they can get files off it, and I feel so stupid when I say “well I cant right not but when I get home in a week ill send you an email”.

While I know we can add users on the go(even though it will give you the user not authorized message it does add them to the server), and they can connect with email and password I like to know how many devices are connected to the server. When a user connects this way the device count does not increase, and as a result i wouldnt know if they have shared the service with friends, family etc

Any ideas?

Your options will be limited to the ways you can remote into your network.

Can you RDP to a computer on your LAN?

Can you VPN to your network?

I would explore one of these options.  WD may never allow this to be remotely generated.

Since you travel a lot, you should get one of these options working.

Yeah thts what I have been having to do. I leave a computer on in my network and utilize teamviewer to remote desktop in but its such a pain some times


At this moment this is intentional due to security concerns. We recommend a Remote Desktop Connection into a local computer within the same network as your WD My Cloud EX4, and then accessing the Dashboard using the host system as a remote bridge.