Adding Content Featured Services

My new WDTV SL is working well and I’m very pleased with options. Is there an area where I can add a ‘new content’ thumbnail to the list of Featured Services to save spelling it out each time. Sorry, if its been answered before. Gene

I don’t understand what you’re asking.

Thanks for the reply TonyPH. In my ‘Featured Services’ I have 5 thumbnails, including ABC I VIEW, Google, YOUTUBE and a few others. I often visit here in Aussieland my ‘SBS On Demand’ site to catch up on a missed TV Shows. Rather than Go to ‘Youtube’ and spellout: SBS ON DEMAND and then get my list of programs, it would save a lot of time if a thumbnail were installed. this possible?


No, there’s no way to add an icon for a YouTube search shortcut.

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Thanks, Tony Ph. What I realise I was saying in my befuddled way is that I wanted to add an App and probably certain ones are available and some are not. Thanks anyway.