Adding an external drives to the WD MyCloud server

I have a MyCloud drive with music/pictures/videos folders.  Files have been copied there.  I have a Sony Receiver that can access these files and play them.  I have another external hard drive usb 3.0 with 120 movies on it.  I don’t want to copy them to the WD Server drive but would like to access them by the server thru what would be a path to the files.  I need help seeing the files without copying them to the WD.  I wanted to do that with the music over 200 gigs but ended up somehow copyying them to the server.

I’m not sure the Sony will play the videos, but my LG Blu-Ray will and reads the same paths.  How may I accomplish this.  Windows 8.1


The USB Drive should show up as another share on your My Cloud.

Please see page 106 of the user manual for assistance on how to connect a USB drive.

Link to user manual:

Thank you, nothing comes up when I click on WD Quick View

When I right click on the icon the only folders that come up are the ones that are already shared.  There are no drives on the computer such as C: or this drive F: on the list to choose from.  In other words they only folders on the list are the ones that already contain the pictures or music or misc videos.  I don’t want to move these 500 gig of movies to the WD drive and can’t figure this out.  Thanks for yours and any help.