Adding an additional HDD in Win 7 64 Bit

I am going to be adding a couple of additional HDDs to a Win 7 64 bit system, this is a useful primer

Win 7


When installing a 2TB drive for music only, should I install as one 2TB area or several smaller ones?


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Happy New Year Simon!

Mine just started thanks to you.

I started my question about this subject, then answered the door and chatted to a mate who popped around, and when i finished it, i saw your post.

Followed your instructions and now i am the proud owner of two 500gb partitions.

Or rather, i ended up with a 488GB and a 433GB? I seem to be missing nearly 80GBs…

Yes Happy new year :smiley:

Adding a filesystem to a drive such as NTFS actually takes up quite a lot of space? File Alocation Tables, MFT reservations, etc…

1TB = 1000 GB = 1,000,000MB = 1,000,000,000KB (this is for HDD manufacturers)

But for the OS:

1,000,000,000KB = 976562.5MB = 953GB approx!

Cut out some part for file allocation etc. I don’t think they are added into the OS detection. You get what you have now.

Hope this helps.

Simon :smiley:

Not really, i still end up feeling  wretchedly robbed.

But thank you for explaining.

I think i’ll remove the partition and hopefully only feel mildly mugged:)