Adding addtional external hard drive

A couple of questions.  Currently have Dell PC, 8.1, 64 bit, and have a 1 TB My Book attached for back up.  The 1 TB indicates that have only 25 GB left for backup/storage.  Have ordered at 3 TB My Book for addtional backup.  Want to select 1 TB for photos/videos only and 3 TB for all other backup.  Does 1 TB need to be erased and set up again for only photos/video or can I just select for that only?  Also can’t figure out why “additional files” of 975 GB is so large on the 1 TB.  Any help appreciated.


Please note that additional files are the files that you saved on the drive without using the WD Smartware. So if you have 975 GB of additional information, most likely you did not used the WD Smartware to perform the backup.

My recommendation on this case is to start all over again to save your files with the software setting up the 1 TB just for photos/videos and the 3 TB for everything

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Thanks for the quick response. That is what I will do.