Adding a WD 6T external to WD wireless pro

Hello, I am attempting to add a western digital 6 terabyte external to my wireless pro 2 terabyte.

First, will this allow me to gain an extra 6t on the wireless? Or is it just for reading what’s on there.

Second, the 6T is not recognized by the wireless pro, It is formatted in ntfs, not sure if that matters or if it’s just not compatible with the wireless pro.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

i doubt very much that 6TB external storage would be supported … it’s probably only for flash drives in the range of up to 256GB.

or maybe the upper limit would be 2TB … basically the maximum limit that MBR Partition Format allows. Over that, then it’s GPT (GUID Partition Table) which probably aint supported.

couldn’t find anything in the tech specs or user manual stating the maximum supported external hard drive capacity ? disappointing … as that would be ‘basic’ information for consumers.

hopefully WD Staff will chime in