Adding a Service to Favorites: WD TV Live

Hello All, first post here.

It would seem that ‘Adding a Service to Favorites’ does not work in firmware 1.12.14

I downloaded the hand book and the following instructions just don’t work as stated for me

You can add a Service to your Favorites so that it’s quickly available via the
dashboard when you are in the Home screen or other screens (when you press
or navigate to in certain screens then press OK). It will also display in the
Services page under the My Favorites category.

  1. In the Services screen, press / to select a service you want to favorite, then
    press Options.
  2. Press OK to list the service in the dashboard under Favorites.

Is this a known problem or perhaps I’m doing something incorrect?

Any help or ideas on this would be very much appreciated.


Not sure but I believe that you have to have some storage connected to the player. (Flash drive)

You must, at least temporarily, connect a thumb drive or other storage to the WDTV. Once you make your changes, you can then remove the drive but the changes will stay. Very weird.


Thanks for the response. I’m a little unsure if you mean that an extra usb stick must be put on the front, in that there is 1.5 Tb usb, that contains my media files, connected to the rear usb port of the WD TV Live. It is always attached.

Do you mean I should add another one to the front usb port?

One more thing, the media library scan is set to ‘off’ I prefer to use the file browser function, I’ve got about 120 Gb of mp3s and many of them don’t have proper id tags, hence the turned off media library.

The option button for favorites in Youtube and Shoutcast work fine for adding favorites, play list ect, it is just in the main service screen that it doesn’t seem to have any effect for setting favorites there.

Added much later:

Tried turning on the Media Library Scan function and that solved the problem. When it is on then the ‘option’ button calls up an add to favorite menu, or delte from favorites.

When the scan is set to off, then not only is this function lost, but the my favorite selection is once again empty. Turning it back on restores any content that has been added, plus the function of adding or deleting is also restored.

So, guess one could mark this problem as solved. Don’t know if I’m allowed to do that but will try it.

As you might have noticed, I’m new to this form( this posting should have been a couple of places down in the software issue threads - sorry)

Got the WD TV Live for Christmas and am still on the learning curve.

Bye all and thanks for the responses.