Adding a second PR4100 and duplicating/syncing it

Hello all-

I have a PR4100 8gb that has been working well for us. That being said it has been working well enough that I am getting that feeling that it would be better to have an option ready to go for when it stops being trouble free. (it will probably see that I wrote this and decide to fail soon… ha ha).

Additionally I am thinking that I would like to install it at my home office and have it synced to the regular office as I have been working from home more and I am getting tired of copying files via thumb or external hd. (We do have a cloud backup but sometimes it can take a while for it to upload the larger files (Civil Engineering CAD files etc).


I want to add a second PR4100-

1-What is the best way to get the initial copy of the existing PR4100 or to synchronize them.

2-Once that is complete what is the best way to keep them synced in as close to possible to real time if that is even possible?

Thanks for any tips or thoughts.