Adding a DVD usb drive?

Hey peeps,

happy new year… Ok I have a new question has anyone added a DVD writer to the system to backup the windows software? What if I want to change all my drives what happens to the software? Will I be able to reinstall the Win2008R2 Essentials software?

I also note that we can install 2012 essentials with a modified setup, has anyone done it except the first person in another post???


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Well you can add a usb drive.  If you have a program that backs up to a dvd and you have a big box of dvd’s…

No clue what you mean by change the drives around.  What would you gain by swapping the drive from bay 1 to bay 0?

You can download an iso from to restore the box to factory fresh.

I have not tried to load 2012e as I do not want to spend $400 bucks on the software to make the box a domain controler.

What I meant Gramps is if I buy say the 4TB model 2X 2TB and then later I want to put the new 4TB Red drives in the unit how am I going to reintsall the OS. Since this unit only supports Raid 5 and not RAID 6 or 10 I cannot create 2 seperate arrays one of the boot drives and one of the data drives so if I add more drives or larger drives I have to recreate the whole darn thing.

Whata pain in the arse.


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As Far As I know the Red drives will not work.

You can reinstall the box using the iso to factory default no problems with supported drives.

Yeah I got and Exsternal usb works great when I need it. and Yes I tried the NAS RED drives they work but not much of a change except a little louder. Took some reboots to get them to be accepted and when putting in the drives it is not like adding drives to the unit while powered (hotswap) power all the way off, put drives in connect CD and put recovery media in *take a nap* wake up and finish the normal setup.


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