Adding a 2nd Passport and backing up independently

I am thinking about buying a 2nd Passport so I have another chance if I need an older document no longer on my hard drive, and if my Passport goes bad. I would plan on connecting them to my computer on different days, but want to know if Smartware will know that file-a has been backed up on on passport1, but not on passport2.

In that case I would want it to copy it to passport2 the next time passport2it is connected, but would not want it to copy it again to passport1 a few days later, unless the file on the hard drive is newer than the one on passport1.

Has anyone tried this?

Yes, I tried that… OOPS … it is possible … but NEVER on the same USB portal (with an extender hub) as they will both identify with the same I.D. number resulting in confusion, tearing of hair, rending of garments, Knashing of teeth and etc.
However, if they are connected to two seperate portals, they will, both and together and simultaneously operate in a manner that you will find most satisfactory. (And if I ever meet the person who wrote the introduction to this “community” - in LATIN … words will be spoken.)

Brian Moffat