Added new category in Photo/Video to view by date


How to access / use the “Added new category in Photo/Video to view by date.” feature. I am not able to locate it.


yeah me neither! This is one of my major features i was looking for…

I was gonna say, “try a factory reset, sometimes new features pop up afterwards” but… I just did that myself and I still can’t work out how to ‘View by Date’.  :|

Maybe this only works for USB-attached devices?

I’ve only tried media server (which itself provides that, duh) and network share (which doesn’t).

Lemme test USB…


Yup, this only works for USB drives / local USB HDD.

cmon WD! If you implement new features please do it properly!

So i mean [deleted] only USB drives? Shame on you!!!

I cannot even tell how to access this new “feature”.  And of course the user manual looks like it was last updated about the time the product was first released so for figuring out how this is supposed to work, that’s useless as well.