Added fourth HD to RAID 5

I was running a three disk system under RAID 5, powered down and added the fourth. All are WD RED 2Tb. ‘Disk Health’ can ‘see’ all four drives and reports  ‘Good’. However, the total storage available hasn’t changed from that it gave when I was running three disks. It currently stands at 3.93 Tb. Is this what I would expect? Or have I missed some sort of re-configuration step?

I have noticed that in the RAID 5 options there is a ‘Expand Capacity’ tab. Is this the same as adding  another drive (as I have just done) and configuring it or does it reduce the data redundancy to provide greater capacity.

My other option would be to transfer the currently saved data to an external HD, save a ‘configuration file’ and then reset the ‘mycloud’ to factory condition.


You need to use the option to Expand Capacity to add the new drive to the existing RAID configuration. 

If you transfer the files to a different location will take to much time.

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