Added Caviar green 2TB, Do I need to format to assign a Drive letter? It will take all night!


I am in thre midst of changing WinXP 32Bit to Win7 64Bit OS, and wanted to move the majorirty of my WD 500GB Internal to the new 2TB WD, PRIOR to installing WIN7.

I went to see the drive in EXPLORER, clicked on it, and it told me it was not formatted, and if i wished to format???

This is already FORMATTED from the factory, whay would I format it again?

Then format my WD 74GB Raptor, and then use my 500GB as my boot drive for the OS and programs, since my RAPTOR is filling up way too fast.  I’ll use that as a storage, even though it’s faster than the 500GB.

I itialized the drive in Disk management,and then thinking the NTFS file system is the norm, and I never heard a RAW before,but when I see DO NOT FORMAT HDD, or  ASSIGN A LETTER OR PATH, I want the ( G ) as my assigned drive, then if I want to make this drive file system a NTFS, then it proceeds to FORMAT.  Since these drives are already factory formatted, is there a way NOT to format and still have the ( G ) and the NTFS system, of do I have to let this format all night and all day since this is 2000GB. 

If I did not format this drive, (like I started to, then cancelled) then it becomes a RAW File system, is that a bad thing,or better than NTFS?  so, I’ll wait to hear back.

Thank you.

PS…I’m getting guys telling me the Araptor is way past it’s life and time to dump,and others tell me to use it still as a boot drive because of it’s speed,so if I could install Win7 only on the raptor,then the programs on the 500GB Drive,but maybe the programs need windows to work properly, so nevermind.


Unfortunately, you need to format the drive in order to make it operational and also assign the drive letter.

You can do a quick format (total time within a minute).