Added a second router, cannot connect to Time Machine on WDMCH with wifi of second router

Hello, I have recently added a second router to my home network. The setup is GPONModem>>Router1>>Router2. WDMCH is connected via ethernet cable coming from Router1. When my MacBook is connected to WiFi on Router2 I can access the files (movies, pictures etc) on WDMCH, however, Time Machine stops seeing the WD for back-ups. If I switch my MacBook to WiFi of Router1 Time Machine gets connected and starts back-up (other files still visible). Would this be a set-up issue with WDMCH or Time Machine?
Many thanks in advance

It turns out, wi-fi connection to Time Machine has to be on the same router that the Time Machine servicing WD is connected via ethernet, in my case Router1 (although all other data on WD is accesible without any problems). This issue is related to Time Machine (Bonjour) connection only.
I overrun the issue by plugging the WD ethernet into the DECO near by. Now they are on the same network. If the DECO and WD were distant to each other, it would have been a complex situation, which I have not investigated.

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