Add Username & Password

Hi All

Recently purchased the WD TV Live Hub (1TB) and have already come into a problem.  Basically i have added Movies to the device ok but once the device is connected to the local network EVERYONE on the local network can see, add, remove data.  Not necessarily a problem if i lived on my own but i don’t, i share a flat.  So how can i add a user name and password to the device so that no one else can see the contents, watch films, add/remove files etc?

I have played with the Web GUI which is all but useless and i am now stumped.  I am currently running OS X 10.6 if that makes any difference which i doubt it will.

I would have thought there would be somewhere in the Web GUI which allows you to prevent access?  Currently my flatmate running Windows can see the device on the network and access it as he pleases.  No username or password requested.  On OS X is pretty much the same.




You sure have a lot of negative things to say for someone who didn’t even look very hard… :wink:

Most of the configuration items are set up through the HUB GUI, not the WEB GUI.   The WEB GUI is only for setting up the WEB SERVICES, the CLOCK, and the NETWORK, all of which can also be changed in the HUB GUI.




   Select ON

After you select that, it will ask you if you want to enable LOGIN PROTECTION.

If you say YES, then it will ask for a username and password.

Thanks for the guidance, my device is slightly different which i guess might be due to firmware version or different devices.

Mine was, Setup\Network Settings\Network Share Server\  From there i could enable password sharing.

I did not mean to come across as negative towards the device, it was just frustration.  Inside the box had no user manuals and i had to go online to view them which was slightly annoying.  Reading the online manual there is a section for this on Page 70 but personally i feel it is a little unclear.

But thanks again for your assistance and apologies for the negativity, all solved now :slight_smile:

I’m like the original poster, I wanted to setup password access to the Hub, but couldn’t find any mention of how to do it or even if it was possible in the WD documentation. The problem is the manual does say that there is a “Network Share Server”  But as this option is enabled by default, I didn’t need to select it and so I didn’t see the option to set password protection. Once I found your post and followed your instructions I could set up an account on the Hub. Maybe most users don’t need this, but the WD documenation is pretty poor.

Thanks for giving this information and for all of your many other posts - theý 're filling in a lot of gaps in WDs documentation:smileyhappy :