Add user activity log functionality

It would be great if I could monitor activity log of who accessed what file and when. Please add this functionality!

Everyone, please vote. We need this added.


Status: Acknowledged.


Also, we should be able to view bandwidth and total amount of file transferred in both local network and cloud.


A very good idea. This is really needed. At the moment I have nothing to show who’s accessing the DL NAS I’ve got either directly or via thr MyCloud,com service. I can’t even tell if anyone is trying to gain unauthorised access.

there is just no way to to any access auditing on the DL series NASs and on a business point of view alarm bells are ringing. There needs to be full access auditing. Successful and failed accesses.

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Status: In review.


I second that motion, but it should be real time. I should be able to look at a utility, link, tab, or something and see what files are opened by what users. Think of it as opening “Computer Management, Shared Folders, Open Files” on a Windows PC and seeing what files are open by what users (not system usage, just users).


Interested in this as well.

yes, currently looking for this function on the NAS - is there a software that can do it in the meantime ?