Add support for mapped network drive as backup destination

I just bought a copy of WD Smartware Pro and installed it only to realize it doesn’t support backing up to a mapped network drive.  I foolishly assumed it would do this considering it is shipped with WD network drives. 

As I keep my backups on a home server (stuffed with WD hard drives, funnily enough), I’d like the ability to back up my data to a mapped network location. 

Thank you for your consideration.

I too just purchased WD Smartware Pro to after purchasing a windows 8 laptop which could no longer use WD Anywhere Backup.  The advertising for this software contains no mention that it would not work with network drives.  I have a My Book World Edition networked drive.  Please update this software to allow backup on a network drive or a refund. 


A year has passed since the above question is posted. WD is yet to redress the issue of backing up from mapped network drive. I just bought my Ultra and found out the hard way.

What is the issue here, WD?

I concur with all the posts with regard to backing up mapped network drives.  Please add some sort of functionality and make it as easy to use as the internal drive.  It should be EASY to back up a network drive!