"Add new app" button is disabled


Using a WD My Cloud EX4, selecting the Apps page in the web admin and the “Add new app” button is disabled, along with the “Remove app” button. How do we add new apps if the button is disabled?


Hi @Steve_Williams

this happens if the device has no internet access.


The device has internet access. It has been automatically downloading and applying firmware updates. The latest from just a couple of weeks ago (2.11.133).

And now that I’m typing this, the button is now active. The admin web page had been insanely slow (timing out and dropping back to the login page quite often). Having left the device alone for a while, it has settled down a bit. I guess this allowed the internet accessibility test for the button to be enabled to succeed now that it can get some CPU time.


I’ve had a similar issue recently, where a JavaScript error was preventing the add app button from being enabled.

Curiously enough it’s just a matter of forcing it to be enabled, you can do it following these steps :

  1. Right click the page anywhere and choose Inspect Element
  2. Click the “Console” tab
  3. Paste this command and then press enter:

This will effectively remove the property that disables the button, which should be enough for the software to allow you to click on it and run it successfully.