Add network shares manually?

How can we add network shares manually? I want name resolution to work through the dns server as my NAS is on a different subnet and the netbios broadcasts are not propagated. I’ve always used direct UNCs (XBMC on Xbox) and it should be a lot easier and faster than this “automatic” discovery of network shares…

Sorry, that’s not the way it works…

That is silly… It should be a very easy feature to implement and a lot easier than to receive a list of shares from the master browser.

They have most of  the code already available in the RSS user interface.

Is there any way we can request this feature?

RSS feeds?  The WDTV Live (the subject of this forum) doesn’t have RSS.

You may be in the wrong forum.   I’m guessing you have the WDTV Live SMP, which is here:

You can post your wish in the IDEAS section, but search first to see if it’s already there.

What I meant is that the user interface part for adding a text entry is already available (to enter the UNC name).

It is not just “an idea” but more of a bugfix for all of the (Netbios related) network issues that pop up here. Let me give the share a name so the WD TV LIVE can also use DNS to resolve to an IP address. If that is too difficult than please let me add a static IP address instead of a host name that it tries to resolve through Netbios.

It would also be helpful to increase the timeout values for accessing a known share because a NAS can require a little bit of time to wake up from sleep mode.

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