Add "netpoll" and "netconsole to kernel on EX4100


There are a number of threads in the EX4100 Forums detailing that the EX4100 has a tendency to lock up on the most recent firmware releases. I have been putting my findings into this thread :

With this in mind, wondering if Western Digital could enable and build in the “netpoll” and “netconsole” components into the next release of the firmware in order to allow for easier debugging of the issues with this device, as it is not easy to gain access to use the internal serial ports without voiding warranty on the product.



Idea status: Acknowledge.

Still regularly seeing this unit lock up and needs to be rebooted in order to get any response from it again. It is definitely a kernel panic that is causing this as I have set the flags to reboot on panic and the unit responds again.

How hard is it to get WD to integrate this into their firmware releases ?