Add HD to the storage and raid option


  1. I would like to know if it is possible to add a hard disk to the storage. Actually, I had a disk of 6T (half-fulled) and I have bought another one. But I don’t see anything that allow me to do add the disk to the actual storage. Can you help me, please ?

  2. I have changed the raid mode to JBOD by mistake. Is it possible to migrate to raid 0 without losing my data ? (+3T)

Thank you for the help :slightly_smiling:
Benjamin Georges


Migrating to a different RAID configuration will involve reformatting the drive and eliminating any data on the unit.

As a recommendation, take the information out of the unit and then change the RAID configuration.

Hum, I see :confused: It will be complicated to transform +3T of data. There will be a future upgrade that will allow transferring without losing data ?

And do you have an idea for the first problem ?