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I purchased a DL4100 with 2 4TB HDs a while ago and am now trying to add 2 8TB HDs. I planned on setting them up as a second RAID 1 volume. I have read some of the other threads on adding HDs, but they do not seem to match what I am seeing.

  • I powered down the unit and installed the 2 8TB HDs. The system recognizes them. It shows all 4 HDs in the storage>Disk Status screen , but it does not appear to allow me to format just these new HDs I tried under Settings > utilities. It only allows selection of All Volumes or Volume 1 which is the current volume. I then

How do I proceed? I thought of taking out the 2 existing RAID 2 drives and booting up with only the new drives, then formatting and configuring them, but I am concerned that the 2 original drives may no longer be recognized when I do this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.


I had the same problem and just got off the phone with a support person. If you have not yet solved your issue, please respond and I will summarize the (surprisingly simple yet not intuitive) steps


You should post the steps here so everyone can benefit from your knowledge :slight_smile:


I would appreciate you sharing the solution. My understanding from tech support was that the MyCloud could not add an additional mirrored volume, like the old WDSharespace I have. I was told that I would basically have to wipe everything out and then the system would startup and setup the 2 4TB and 2 8TB drives as RAID 10 spanning a 4TB and 8TB drive and mirroring them. I am interested in any alternate solutions.’




Sorry for the delayed response

From the MyCloud management page, click “Storage”

Select “RAID” from the left frame

Click “Change RAID Mode” below the list of volumes

Then you can elect to change the RAID mode of the new drive to JBOD and do with it as you will. One option is to create a new volume, which the technical-support person said was impossible but is not impossible. That gave me the final configuration: 2 drives in RAID 1 mode (Volume_1) and another in JBOD mode (Volume_2) which I am now using as plain old Network-Attached Storage.

  1. When you select “Change RAID Mode” there is another menu level which allows you to select the new drives and set them up as a second RAID volume? I have not tried selecting “Change RAID Mode” because I was not sure what the path was and if I could back out of it if I did not like the options.

  2. Can this can be done without wiping out the data on the current RAID1 volume?

  3. I am hoping that I can safely setup a second RAID1 volume using the 2 new 8TB drive like I was able to do with my old WDSharespace 4-drive unit.

Thanks for your assistance.


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Hi MDC, I checked WD’ site and found this:

At step 3 of the article, I would pick RAID1, and checkbox “Create new Volume”
It should then take you to a step where you pick the 2 new drives that are not setup in the existing RAID.

Good luck!


You are not helping MDC 3 months later. WD Staff here know nothing. Since it did not get a reply for 3 days he suggested calling product support.

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This all started with my quest to expand my dL4100 with new 10TB drives.
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