Add files to local storage wirelessly?

I just got a wireless stick for my Hub (haven’t gotten it working yet, but that’s a different story), and what I’m wondering is: am I able to add files to my local storage from my computer via wifi, or is that only for streaming video from my computer?

The main reason I ask is that to add files to the local storage, I’ve been bringing the box upstairs to my computer and adding it there.  The way I just wired my entertainment stand downstairs, bringing the power cord for the Hub upstairs would be almost impossible without removing all the power cord wiring, etc.  And I definitely like having the videos on the hub itself rather than streaming, hence the subject question.

Thanks for any help.

To answer your question, Yes.  Although your transfer speed may be slow depending on your wireless network.


Use Windows Explorer; the WDHUB shows up under Network (at the bottom left). It can take a little while after you turn it on (depending on how many files it needs to check).

Wi-Fi speeds vary but I wouldn’t expect more than 3MB/sec in your case. You can copy files but it’s probably not enough to stream HD video.

I ran an Ethernet cable so I could use Ethernet instead. I get just over 10MB/second which is fast enough even for an uncompressed BluRay rip.

Alternate copying method:

  1. copy files from PC to USB thumb drive

  2. insert drive to WDHUB (with SYNC set to OFF)

  3. Options->MOVE (WDHUB remote)

  4. PC->Windows Explorer if need be to create folder or move files further