Add file and folder deletion to automated Remote Backup

If you are giving users ability to create automated backups, I’m suggesting that it would be desirable to have the option to have the destination NAS mirror the source.

As it stands now, the destination never deletes any files or folders. It only adds to an ever growing list of files and folders.

Ideally, the user should have the OPTION to allow the remote backup job the permission to delete files and folders that are no longer on the source. Some users may want to preserve these files, but in our case, we would like to have an exact copy of the current source.



As a follow-up, we’re using a pair of My Cloud EX4s and trying to create an off-site dupe of the on-site NAS.

Hi Jim.M           

I have two MyCloud EX2s and use the automated remote backup.  In firmware release 1.03.41, a new “Type” was added to the options for remote backup job creation.  One type is “Copy”, the other is “Synchronize”.   While I have not found any documentation on this, It appears the “Synchronize” type selection may do what you are suggesting - deletes folders/files from the destination drive that have been deleted from the source drive.  Have you tried it?  Does it in fact satisfy your requirement?

RemoteBackup Type.jpg