Add date taken to sort options and do not change date created!

Re: the date created being changed, are there plans to fix this so files retain there original data? I can see from the forum that many people are upset by this. I emailed a photo from Mycloud to my windows PC and when I looked at its preferences it did retain the original data so it’s not getting lost during the uploading to the cloud process. Also people have said that when files are uploaded with the android app they retain and display their original data. Surely this is something that should be investigated and fixed for customer service if nothing else!!


It seems the app for iPhone works just fine now. It keeps all the created date same as the taken date.
But the android app changes the created date into the uploaded date, and the supports claim that the app doesn’t modified the date because that the taken date is still kept in the exif.
I think it is very important to keep the created date same as the taken date when the photos are uploaded by the app.