Add a USB drive to MY Cloud Home Duo?


thiis is my first question on this forum. I had a wdmycloud device, that ultimately broke, so I decided to buy a brand new WDmycloud Home duo (4To). To my dismay, I know discover that I cannot attach an extra USB drive on the back of the device to extend the storage capacity (which I used to do with the Wdmycloud I previously owned). I can of course attach a USB drive to the back of my new device to transfer files, but not as a permanent extra storage capacity. Am I doing something wrong ? is there a work around or a hack to solve this issue ? for a while I thought about trying to insert the firmware of a regular wdmycloud device to my new one, but I’m reluctant to go that way. Thanks a lot in advance for any hint or advice.

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The My Cloud Home USB port only supports the import and export of data into and from the device. It does not support adding/extending storage.

Please see the following article:

How to Export, Copy or Backup My Cloud Home Content to a USB

That’s one guaranteed way to BRICK your device.

NEVER try to install firmware designed for a different device…

thanks a lot. You’re right. This being said, I am really unhappy with the fact that, contrary to the old wdmycloud I had, I can’t attach USB drive for storage. Thus, since my 4To are already filled, I thought about switching from RAID to the other mode, to get 8To. And there, surprise, it’s telling me that all my content will be erased! So ultimately, I need to find 4To somewhere to save everything that is currently on my wdmycloud home duo only to switch mode, and then re-transfer everything back. No need to say that I’m not happy with the product. And since I live 4000km from where I bought the new one, no need to say that I cannot ask for an exchange… thanks anyway for your answer, to you and the WDStaff. My resquest : a new firmware allowing to use a USB drive as extra storage…best