Adapter to connect WD RED 4TB to laptop via USB 3.0

Hello :slight_smile: This is my first post on this forum and I want to say hello to all od you.

I’m looking for device that lets me connect  WD 4TB RED to my laptop via USB 3.0. I found a lot of pockets , enclosures and adapters , but most supports drives for usb 2.0 and only the max capacity of 2TB .

My situation is as follows . I wish to create a home NAS server just for the media that on every laptop at home you could watch movies, music and pictures from a network drive . And above all, to watch 1080p and 3D blue-ray films via DLNA on TVs from NAS. I plan to buy in future WD MY CLOUD EX4 , and use for it 4x WD 4TB RED . However, it is a very expensive investment and I plans to build it partially . My old computer and USB drive are already totally clogged , so I need to buy very very fast an additional drive . My funds are limited , so first I would like to buy one drive WD RED , then the second, and for some time the NAS . The server will be switched on all day, I will turn off it at night and weekends . That’s why I choose WD RED . However, by the time I need to purchase a aparter or sth like it to connect WD RED 4TB to a laptop for the help of USB 3.0. How to do it ? Can you recommend a device which can do the job ? I’ve seen adapters from ICY BOX, NATEC and others, but I’m not sure of them. This solution temporarily, max for a few months, half a year, so looking for a cheap device.
Thank you for your help and expects a lot of advice and sorry for my english.

If I choose bad place on this forum for my message please admin change it, not delete.

Hello and welcome to the community damiaaan, USB enclosures are not supported for the WD Red drives, this doesn’t mean that they wont work, but it is not guaranteed that it will. I recommend you to check the compatibility list before buying the enclosure, you can also check the list of compatible devices for the WD Red drives. Check link below.

I removed hard drive from external NAS enclosure, it looks like this, wanted to use it through 3.0 enclosure like I did for other hard drive I had and it is not even spinning  :cry: