Adapter not for Belgium electricity

My English is not so good but i hope you understand (I understand english but difficult to write - i speak dutch).
I bought a " WD My Passport Wireless Pro 2 TB "
but in the box the adapter is not for Belgium electricity
And i can not contact the WP shop (not by mail or tel)
Can someone help me

Sounds interesting and I think I have a solution for you but you have to be careful. You can use an adaptor for your WD, you can easily find it on the internet, this what I’ve done. But I had a bad story with my WD when I bought it, I realized that I need that adapter too, because I bought it in Europe, and I am living in London. When I tried to plug it, via that adapter, I burned all the wiring in my house, that’s how my issue started. I called my supplier and he told me that I should fix this issue by myself as this is not their issue. I had to change my supplier for that, I thought it would take me a lot of time and money, but I was wrong. I used the usave service for that, and to be honest, I had not even a single issue with that, they took care about all, and the job was done perfectly. So be careful, I hope you won’t have that issue as I had, but in case, you know what you have to do

I don’t have the adapter handy. If you look at it, make sure it says “110-240V” and “50-60hz”. If it does. . .then just get a cheap Pin adapter (i.e. a travel plug) to adapt the prongs to your local outlets. I was in the UK before the current troubles, and I am almost certain that I was using the MPWP with a plug adapter in a hotel room (I believe the UK and Belgium power grids are the same; just have different standards for the &^%^ing power plugs)