Activity logs

Hi, is there a way to record all activity on MY Cloud

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What type of activity are you looking to gain access to?

The My Cloud DOES maintain several logs. One can access those logs either via SSH or use the Create and Save System Report via the WD My Cloud Dashboard > > > Create and Save System Report > Create and Save.

After the zip file is saved one can extract the file contents and view several of the log files.

Hi Bennor, thank you for your information, i am looking to record a log that would indicate someone who i have invited to view shared media using the (file,Email), has actually connected to MyCloud and seen the file.
Also some files open with unrecognisable file type. could i ask what do i open these files with?


Is it possible??

I am also looking for this feature. It would be nice to see who is currently accessing the MyCloud device along with a history of file access.